Looking for the North Chicago FBI regional training range address? Are you law enforcement looking to use the range for firearm training purposes? If so, you are about to violate federal law if you discharge a weapon on this range. This 14 acre site is situated on Lake Michigan, using the lake as a necessary outfall for errant rounds and ricochets. This range operates without a necessary permit under the Clean Water Act. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Justice are required, but refuse, to retrieve the munitions discarded offsite into the lake under RCRA and US EPA's Military Munitions Rule. The Executive's failure to enforce federal law delegated by Congress as to its own operations in no way absolves you of CERLA (Superfund), CWA, and RCRA liability for contributing to the accumulation of lead on the lake bed.

Listen to James Barton and Steven Pollack discuss the FBI firearms training range in North Chicago, IL inside Foss Park, directly to the south of the range.